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"I just had the most amazing Soul Life Reading from Marina. She has such a beautiful spirit and the way she was able to connect with me touched my heart, spirit and soul. I feel so much more centered in my life path and have a new understanding of some of the life choices I have made and I'm even more confident about my future. She has truly blessed me. Thank you Marina!" ~R.L. ~Maryland


"Thank you. You are truly a blessing and are putting a lot of beautiful, positive energy into this world.

Thank you for helping me find that within myself so that I can put that toward others, while also staying true to myself and my truths. It feels good to put compassion out there while also standing firm with the truths that I am voicing. Thank you. Not just for me. But really for the lives we are trying to advocate for and save. "

~ I.N, MD

"Words cannot express how beautiful the portrait is!!! We loved it ! The reading that came with it was spot on. How wonderfully strange and fun to read something so accurate about yourself made by someone you have never met :) Feel completely blown away and so grateful for the gift of it all."

~ Vanessa, GA

"Thank you so much for an awesome, spot on, beautiful reading. what a gift you have and shared with me. <3 "

~Brenda, MD

"I just had the most amazing Soul Life Reading from Marina. She has such a beautiful spirit and the way she was able to connect with me touched my heart, spirit and soul. I feel so much more centered in my life path and have a new understanding of some of the life choices I have made and I'm even more confident about my future. She has truly blessed me. Thank you Marina!"

~ Rebecca, MD

Thank you so very much for channeling my special Soul Portrait! It means so much to me! You have given me the precious gift of being able to finally see who I am - it's so clearly reflected back to me in full color (portrait) as well as in black and white (write-up) that I cannot deny it or hide any longer. This is exactly what I needed. And again, I am so deeply grateful our paths have crossed. You are an amazing and beautiful spirit, Marina!! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gifts!!" ~ M.H. ~ Virginia

"If you are like me, you tend to think you know yourself pretty well, generally speaking. Periods of confusion and clarity notwithstanding, you know your struggles and your gifts and you add these things up as you go about your day and put them in a little box you label "me". Folly! So, the best part about having a personal session with Marina is the way she shines a light on a more comprehensive picture of the energies and influences that help define a personality. She captures a much broader picture, regardless of your labels! Whenever I catch myself limiting my options because of that little box, I can look at one of Marina drawings and am reminded that there are way more energies operating than I am in the habit of seeing. She sees more of you, not just the bits you're used to. Marina's drawings are the gift of a more comprehensive identity! I recommend them to all my friends! Get one - you won't be disappointed!!"

~ Erin T, ~ MD

"Since I love color so much, I was truly excited to meet with Marina. She led me through a most beautiful meditation and while I was in a state of peacefulness, I began to hear the movement of her colors against the paper, creating an impression of me. When it was complete, she began to explain to me the various feelings/behaviors/characteristics that are associated with my colors and how they are flowing within me. She brought to light several points that I had considered but not fully believed. I also asked her pointed questions and she intuitively provided me information. She is a true blessing to the world and I loved taking "me" home to have a visual to ponder further."

~ D.E. ~ Baltimore, MD

"At the end of Marina’s aura drawings, you walk away with a gorgeous hand-painted portrait of your soul. With her intuitive skills, she is able to tap into your authentic self and see the workings of your inner being. She transforms those messages into a work of art and then interprets what she felt during the meditative session. The feeling during the session is magical, as you sense the energy that is flowing through your body, mind, and spirit. At the end, Marina’s interpretation is just as captivating as she relays to you, your soul purpose, any obstacles you might be facing at the time, strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and hope. I found everything she said to be spot on, from working with other healers, she confirmed each and every thing that had previously been told to me, and I was currently working on in my life. Her aura readings and drawings will definitely will give you a glimpse into your path in life, what you are here to do, and the confirmation that you indeed can accomplish your soul purpose, all transformed into a creative work of art."

- Sherry F.B., ~PA

"I had my first aura reading with Marina from a distance, because I live in a different city. I was very intrigued by her offer to draw my aura. I’m so happy and blessed now, because this experience truly changed my mind, my life and who I am today. Besides the beautiful drawing, Marina explained the colors and their meaning in my aura. Also, she gave me the clear picture of what is going on in present time and possible outcomes of my actions in the future. Marina was so accurate, that I could not believe what I was seeing and what I was hearing. The things that I couldn’t admit about myself, someone was saying to me out loud. It absolutely changed my understanding of living. It is like I could see myself clearly for the first time. I had a feeling that my life before was completely upside down, and that is why nothing was working for me. I was doing the same thing over and over, until I finally felt exhausted and didn’t know what else to do. Only now, after talking to Marina, things started to fall into the right places, like in a puzzle. Moreover, Marina opened to me the understanding of energies and how they flow within me. Marina showed me how beautiful I am and how wonderful my life can be. I started to accept myself for who I am, and not how everyone in my surrounding wants to see me.

After having this aura reading experience with Marina, I felt the constant presence of positive energy in me. Marina also showed me how to do simple meditations throughout a day that help to still my mind and relax. I started to pay attention to things that make me happy. Because of Marina’s influence I started to draw almost every day. The time of the day when I can spend with myself meditating and drawing makes me very happy. I also feel like Marina triggered the chain reaction in me. I look at things differently now, I talk and listen, my family says that I became calmer. I cannot believe that I do not have stress in my life anymore. I just wish I would have done this a long time ago.

I pray every day and give thanks to this wonderful miracle that happened to me because of Marina and her beautiful drawings."

~Anna Z., ~Richmond, VA

"....During the reading/drawing I felt very calm, peaceful and relaxed. I knew I was safe and that something so much greater than me was at work. Everything that was conveyed to me resonated 100%. I was completely taken aback by a few of the messages because they were so specific and real!!! At the end, I felt a stronger sense of what I needed to focus on in order to help me be the best I can be. All in all, it was eye-opening, profound, and incredible. Marina is very gifted and has a great deal to offer those who are seeking. I am very grateful I had a reading with her...."

- Taryn S., ~ Baltimore, MD

I wanted to thank you again for the drawing you created for me. It was such a great confirmation for me to hear and see many of the things you were in tune with. As confident and intuitive as I am and knowing I am in the right direction in my life, your intuition was able to give me that extra boost of validation and deeper insight into a few areas I was unclear with. The bonus was that I also have an amazingly beautiful piece of art to hang on my wall as a daily reminder. I am looking forward to the next one."

~ Daniel H., ~ Baltimore, MD

"I remember feeling warmth when you were drawing my aura that night & it was totally right on target..."holding back my power, but holding the key"...I still reflect on this often. Thanks so much for the experience. Hope to see you again soon :)"

~ Ali, ~ Baltimore, MD

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